Radiance Cortex NVIDIA (v4.0.0 beta)

  • Cortex is the second PoW project that I participated in this year.
    I've been researching Cuckoo Cycle algorithm (like Aeternity, Grin). Cortex also uses Cuckoo Cycle, and it is anti-ASIC, which makes mining CTXC requires more VRAM.
    Cortex's official miner requires 10.7G of VRAM, which means you can only run it with high end GPUs like NVIDIA 1080ti and RTX 2080ti.

    I have optimized the Cortex Core Team's open sourced miner. Now 7.2G of VRAM would be enough, which making mid end mining GPUs like NVIDIA 1080 and P104 able to mine CTXC. Based on my testing, the reward is higher comparing to mining ETH or Grin.

    I named this miner Radiance, which is an item makes you farm faster in Dota. TI9 has ended, unfortunately my favorite team, EG, didn't make it to the grand final. But still, congrats to OG, hope EG could do better in TI10!

    Radiance Miner Download Link: https://mega.nz/#F!WWYA2SxB!7wEHZ6Mdfh8r0YoEEo61Hg

    Update on Feb 5th, 2020:
    I'm releasing 4.0.0 beta version

    • fixed a bug when mining with multiple GPUs

    • log is now clearer

    • lower the rejection rate

    • simplify the operation by allowing automatic checking for 8G, 1080ti and 2080ti cards


    Update on Dec 12th, 2019:
    I'm releasing 3.0.0 beta version

    • 3.0.0 beta has 30%-60% improvement in hashrate on 1080ti/2080ti

    • Windows currently not supported, would probably look into it in the future

    Update on Nov 27th, 2019
    Releasing Radiance Miner version 2.0.0
    Only supports Linux, trying to improve the performane on Windows.
    Major improvement on Nvidia GPUs
    Greatly improved the Hashrate on 1080TI and 2080TI (about 60% ~ 80%)

    Update on Oct 18, 2019:
    Hey everyone! I have been working on my other stuff, but still, managed to make some improvement on Radiance 😃
    I am releasing Radiance v1.1.0 today!

    Radiance_Cortex GPU_NVIDIA_8G Miner v1.1.0 - WINDOWS.zip
    Radiance_Cortex GPU_NVIDIA Miner v1.1.0 - LINUX.tar.gz


    Supporting both 8G and 11G Nvidia GPUs on Linux
    11G GPUs will have approximately 15%-20% higher hashrate
    How to use:
    Please refer to the “how to run” section from README file

    Cortex team has contacted me recently, I’m glad to be part of its ecosystem. I really appreciate their professionalism and sincerity, looking forward to their performance in the future 😃

    Update on Sep 2nd, 2019:

    Linux supported

    Radiance v1.0.0 only supports NVIDIA 8G GPUs, like 1080 and P104
    Windows only
    Do not use it on high end GPUs like 1080ti and 2080ti
    Haven't considered developing under OpenCL, might consider if Radiance gets popular
    My Cortex MainNet Wallet Address:

    If I get more than 1000 CTXC donation, I will continue the development of Radiance Miner. Making it supporting more GPUs, including AMD's.

    Going to bed, good luck mining!

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